A french girl with an irish accent

🇫🇷 Based in Paris, France 

Letter Your Life

My name is Anne-Sophie Revert and I am the founder of Letter Your Life, a calligraphy and lettering studio. Having two names in one is a very typical french thing to do, but it can be hard to use internationally, trust me! So if you’re having trouble, Sophie is fine!

A little more about me… I’m really into porridge for breakfast and tea with milk all day (what an Irish thing to do… I know). I’m also addicted to some good old French pastries and sarcastic jokes.

I have a background in marketing and advertising in France and Ireland. I started learning calligraphy and lettering in 2017. It marked a big career change for me as I never thought I could be so creative and actually make a living out of it (and hello, de-stresser!)