Free 3D Lettering Workbook – AVAILABLE NOW!

Free 3D Lettering Workbook

As 2019 is kicking off, it’s time to learn new lettering styles and what better way then to start with 3D lettering! This workbook will walk you step-by-step through every letter in the uppercase alphabet in 3D Lettering Style. It includes traceable sections and sections to freehand. By the end of the book, you will […]

Glass or Mirror Lettering Process

equipment mirror lettering

Glass or Mirror Lettering is without a doubt my favorite way of lettering quotes, announcement or any type of phrase. Coming in next is chalkboards but that is for another blog post! You can choose the shape of mirror you want, your creativity has no limit. Also the one thing you need to make sure […]

Alphabet Lettering with @MyeDeLeon


So a few weeks ago I decided to challenge myself and start the alphabet lettering challenge of @MyeDeLeon. Even though I’ve only just started, it is a very interesting way to discover which letter you like drawing or not. The letter A for me was really easy because it’s also the first letter of my […]