Do you really need an iPad to create lettering?

back to basics

As a newbie in the lettering and graphic design industry, you can feel a lot of pressure to constantly buy new things. The things that your favorite artists have or that you’ve seen in a recent youtube video. The only reason for that is that you think you can only achieve the same result by having what they have!

Do not fall into this trap!

Yes Stefan Kunz creates amazing lettering with his iPad and custom brushes. Yes Ian Barnard has the Adobe Suite and creates amazing things with it. But you don’t have to start there, and actually I recommend you not to go there. If you are new to this, you can quickly get overwhelmed by not knowing what to use because you have to many options.

The easiest, the better! Go back to basics.

My go-to is my pencil and a piece of paper! That’s it!

My years in advertising school in France taught me a lot when it comes to using Photoshop and Illustrator so I got lucky. And to be 100% honest, I bought the iPad before even starting doing lettering.
I remember being at the Apple Store and randomly clicking on the Procreate App and wooooowww! My vision of the iPad changed immediately. I saw a thousand possibilities but more than anything else, I saw a business and career opportunity.

And that’s how I started my lettering journey…! I know not very glamorous but look at where I am now! It’s only after a few trial and errors that I understood one thing. If I wanted my lettering to be on point on the iPad, I first had to learn with an actual pencil. And today, I always go for paper first, and iPad for detailing! Have a look at my portfolio for more inspiration.

So really, do not think you need an iPad to create lettering. The iPad will improve your lettering and more precisely your details. But to improve something, you need to create it first – and that’s what pencil and paper are for!

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