Download my iPad Procreate Geometric Shapes brushes now!

procreate geometric shapes brushes

Do you love procreate and are the worst at making a circle round? Don’t worry you’re not the only one.
This pack is for you, for me, for everyone and it’s free! It includes 5 procreate geometric shapes brushes to help you with your lettering composition.

– Apple iPad Pro with OS 11
– Apple Pencil
– Procreate App (found on the Apple App store)

If you experience any problems, then please to reach out to me via my contact form.

Save the zipped file to your desktop, uncompress it and then add the items to your iCloud drive to be able to access on your iPad. If you are downloading straight to your iPad then install the free app “FileExplorer Free” onto your iPad first, then you’ll be able to open the zip file.

Get your hand on my new 3D lettering workbook for free > Click here!

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