Free 3D Lettering Workbook – AVAILABLE NOW!

Free 3D Lettering Workbook

As 2019 is kicking off, it’s time to learn new lettering styles and what better way then to start with 3D lettering!

This workbook will walk you step-by-step through every letter in the uppercase alphabet in 3D Lettering Style. It includes traceable sections and sections to freehand. By the end of the book, you will have mastered the three-dimensional lettering style.

This 50 pages long 3D Letters Workbook guides you through all the tricks of shadow lettering, vanishing points and you name it! It is now available and with each download you get the PDF Printable version + the iPad Version for the Procreate App!

Here is what you get with your purchase:
– a 50 page PDF digital downloadable & printable document
– an iPad Version for the Procreate App
– a guide for how to use the workbook
– a step-by-step breakdown of every letter in the uppercase alphabet in 3D style
– tried and true tips to help with difficult letters
– tips on how to color 3D letters
– a more advanced view on 3D letters with one point and two points perspective

If you experience any problems, then please to reach out to me via my contact form.

Download for iPad Version:
Save the zipped file to your desktop, uncompress it and then add the items to your iCloud drive to be able to access on your iPad. If you are downloading straight to your iPad then install the free app “FileExplorer Free” onto your iPad first, then you’ll be able to open the zip file.

Do not hesitate to post your work on Instagram using #letteryour3D. Let’s practice! 


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