Glass or Mirror Lettering Process

equipment mirror lettering

Glass or Mirror Lettering is without a doubt my favorite way of lettering quotes, announcement or any type of phrase. Coming in next is chalkboards but that is for another blog post!

You can choose the shape of mirror you want, your creativity has no limit. Also the one thing you need to make sure is that you have the correct equipment and by that I mean pens.

My go-to are the oil based white sharpies if you are looking for something permanent.
If not, you can also use the water-based chalk pens, they will also render great on a mirror but won’t very last long.

Equipment needed:

equipment mirror lettering

Sharpies Oil Based Pens
Water-based white chalk pen
Masking Tape
Q-Tips (for small errors)
Window cleaner
Microfiber cloth
Nail polish remover (to erase mistakes made with oil based pen)
And of course, a mirror!


Step by Step

1st Step
Deciding on the position of the mirror

I decided to go against the wall for this once, but I usually prefer flat on a table or on my bed. I found it less tiring for the hand. You can also put your mirror on an easel which makes it even easier!

2nd Step
Masking tape around the edges

Any type of masking tape will do the trick. It is just to make sure that you still have space around the edges once your lettering is done! You can put as much layers of masking tape you want to make sure it’s faaaar from the edges.

masking tape

3rd Step
Draw your base line with the ruler and water-based pens

The tip do draw straight line is to measure on each side and put a little landmark on the masking tape.

Not to forget the middle line if you are doing a centered quote. You can also draw the x-height for your letter to be the same height and be consistent throughout the piece (see below)

base line mirror

4th Step
Draw your letters with the oil based pen

That’s when your lettering comes into place. You can take the oil pen that you want, the size that you want and make your magic happen.

lettering oil based pen

5th Step
Wait for the ink to dry a little

This is an important step! If your going straight to step n°6 you might have some little surprises on the way. Trust me, I did the error once before…

6th Step
Microfiber cloth + Window cleaner to remove the guidelines

This is ohhhh by far the most exciting and satisfying step of them all! Remove the guidelines and finally discover your finally piece!

remove guidelines

7th Step
Ta-daaaa! Admire your work and share with others!

final work


Have a look at my other creations here

I’d love to know if you have any questions or if I can help with anything! Know that all those steps have been done on a mirror but you can absolutely do it a well on glass and transparent surfaces.

Lots of love,


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