How Skillshare allows me to improve my skills?


Some of you might have heard of Skillshare, this new learning website which is making sensation at the moment!

I’ve been using it for quite some time now and I cannot tell you enough how amazing all those devoted teachers are and how much they’ve taught me. There is not one single day where I don’t watch at least one class. There is so much content with so many things to discover.

For those of you who are not familiar with this learning website, Skillshare is a community of artists, teachers and beginners with all sorts of background. In this community, we are all looking to improve our skills, learn new techniques and experience new things. You can learn how to use procreate on your iPad, discover how to start your freelance career, learn how to digitize your work and sell it through print on demand website… etc

There is a class for everyone and new classes get uploaded every single day. Some of your favorite lettering artists might even be teachers, like Peggy Dean, Cat Coquillette and so many more. There is always great resources, projects and interactions with the teacher.

If I had to give you an example of the most important thing I learned on Skillshare, is how to digitize my work and edit it on Photoshop. Without it I probably wouldn’t have my online shop right now. In this type of industry, you should never stop learning, create new things, especially if it brings you outside of your comfort zone. It’s the only way to discover your style, your limits but also what you love to create.

If like myself and thousands of students you want to improve your skills, click below for 2 free months of Premium classes!

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