Alphabet Lettering with @MyeDeLeon


So a few weeks ago I decided to challenge myself and start the alphabet lettering challenge of @MyeDeLeon. Even though I’ve only just started, it is a very interesting way to discover which letter you like drawing or not.

The letter A for me was really easy because it’s also the first letter of my name so I’ve already practiced it a lot of time. But when it came to letter C…. After serif, non-serif and script…. I had absolutely nooooo other ideas!

I’m not gonna lie, I jumped straight away on Pinterest, did a little research, found some great inspirations and I ended up having a nice collection of C’s. (You can check it out on my portfolio) It’s a great way to discover where you need to push yourself and find which letters you have to improve.

Now without further ado, have a look at the timelapse below for the letter F:

Hope you enjoyed it and do not hesitate to join us on the challenge, the more the better!

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