My year in New Zealand so far

new zealand

As some of you may already know, I am currently living in New Zealand and more precisely in Queenstown until the end of the September. My partner and I decided to leave Ireland last year. We were living in the land of the leprechauns for more than 3 years and decided to change the scenery and travel to discover the world.

Here we are, 9 months after (not a baby haha) our departure from Paris and what an adventure we are living. Not a single day has been the same. New Zealand is so remote and most of the country is still 100% nature, untouched and absolutely magnificent. We not only had to learn and like to hike and walk for hours, but we also had learn how to appreciate those beautiful landscapes and relax!

As you can see on my illustration below, I already ticked a lot of things from my to-do list. From skydiving to flying in a hot air balloon! Those are things you only do once in a lifetime. I am so grateful for all the opportunities I had so far.

I cannot wait to come back in France and finally live from my passion of lettering
The future ahead is beautiful.

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