Oh the places you’ll go in a hot air balloon!

hot air balloon watercolor

Today I have undoubtedly crossed a huge line on my to-do list: Flying in a hot air balloon!

All those moments you see in movies where couples are romantically watching the sunset in a hot air balloon, enjoying a glass of champagne and just listening to the silence… Well that wasn’t quite me because I was sharing the flight with a group of 6 Chinese and 4 Kiwis in a VERY SMALL pod. But on the positive side, things brought us closer and we really enjoyed the ride!

The point is, for a second, I felt like Katherine Heigle on the last scene of The Ugly Truth. Except I was missing Gerard Butler… Next time maybe!

This trip inspired me so much for this watercolor piece. I mean, the balloon is GIGANTIC and so much colors united in one element.

The peacefulness you have up in the air is absolutely amazing. Even if you’re just 6,500 feet above the ground you feel in a total different planet.

Now believe me, this peacefulness fades pretty quick when you realize you have to land. This is far from easy and certainly not as smooth as landing in an A380 in Business Class (No… I’ve never been in Business Class but let me dream a little haha)

They even had the “Balloonist Prayer” just before landing! I mean, should we start panicking now? (Beautiful prayer though…)

The Balloonist’s Prayer
The wind has welcomed you with softness

The sun had blessed you with his warm hands
You have flown so high and so well, that God has joined you in your laughter
And you set gently back into the loving arms of mother earth

Thank you again ever so much for this amazing experience Sunrise Balloons !


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